Mari Game Online


Omori is a psychological horror based on children’s problems and worries. It would seem that what problems could a teenager have? It is such a carefree time. However, it is not that simple. The main protagonist of our game is a quiet teenage boy who experiences the death of his sister.

He suffers from depression and therefore completely immerses himself in the world of his fantasies, where everything is fine. He lives in a small white room called the white space. A laptop, a sketchbook, tear wipes, and a strange door surround him. Behind the door there is an ideal world – it is completely free of problems, and friends, as before, live together without quarrels. Nevertheless, what had happened to the boy in the game?

Let’s look into the past. A close-knit family, in which there are two children – Marie and her younger brother Sunny. Marie was quite a nice and friendly girl. She was very kind and helpful. Her best friend was Aubrey, although she was very nice to everyone. Although sometimes she could make fun of Hero in a good way. The girl was always dressed in a white dress under a purple jacket. And her eyes and hair were black.

Children make friends in the neighborhood; their virginity is beautiful and carefree. Moreover, between Mari and Hero, there is even a certain sympathy. The children play musical instruments: Marie plays the piano, and her younger brother plays the violin. My sister was a perfectionist, so she spent a lot of time practicing one tune.

However, one day Omori gets tired of this activity and a quarrel arises between him and his sister. As a result of their argument, the boy pushes his sister down the stairs, and she falls right on the violin, which the boy also pushed earlier. Unfortunately, the girl did not wake up again, and Sunny and his best friend Basil decided to present it as a suicide.

After that, the group of friends breaks up, and the game protagonist closes in on himself and creates an ideal world in his imagination. In this game world, the girl is just as kind and sweet, and even forgave her brother, despite his act. She even tried to help her brother forgive himself so that he could move on with his life.