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Omori Basil

Omori is an indie project that embodies children’s problems and their solutions. When we were children, each of us probably went away from our problems to our own little fictional world. The main characters of this game are children who live in this fictional world.

Omori Games Online

Omori is an amazing and addictive RPG-style adventure. The project was released on December 25, 2020, and was developed for several years before that. However, a month later, she gained a lot of fans, and also lit up on Reddit. At the moment, this project from Omocat has 98% positive reviews.

Surely, each of us once missed his childhood, carefree days. The plot immerses us in a fictional surreal world in which there are no problems and worries. The main characters in this world are children who run away to this world from their problems.

The developers have created a fine line between the two worlds. This gives the game a special mystery, and moreover makes players think about the real life and motivation of Sunny. Although it looks like just a children’s fairy tale, but it contains elements like horror, thriller and drama.

You will not see any screamers or blood here. Omori is more of a psychological horror. Despite the fact that this is pixel art, the app clearly conveys all the emotions to the player.


Meet the main character – a teenager named Sunny. He experiences a personal tragedy, from which he closes himself in and falls into depression. What happened and why? That is what we are just going to find out. In any case, the game is not about depression. This is a story about how to fight and survive your problems.

Sunny falls into a dream, where he is in his bright and beautiful world. There are no problems or sufferings in it; there is only a boy and other children. If suddenly there are problems, our hero immediately solves them. Nevertheless, part of the story is also about the real world. After all, those guys who are so friendly in our fictional world are not like that in reality. However, even in an ideal world, the boy has to face his fears.

During the passage, we will have to fight with enemies, pass quests and mini-games. In addition, we will pump different skills that will only help in the future. Pick up resources and items that will help you to play.

In battles with opponents, there is a whole system of emotions. Both you and they will feel happy and sad at times. Therefore, you need to use your skills to manage these emotions. The ending of the plot depends directly on you and your actions.

In conclusion, we can say that Omori is not a project that you will forget about. You will definitely have an aftertaste and countless thoughts about our hero, as well as about his adventures.

The game is currently being actively updated on the available platforms. The developers are adding new interesting tasks, quests and other features.