Omori Basil Game Online

Omori Basil

Omori is an indie project that embodies children’s problems and their solutions. When we were children, each of us probably went away from our problems to our own little fictional world. The main characters of this game are children who live in this fictional world. However, the main protagonist is a boy whose name is Omori. This child is experiencing depression and trying to fight it. The child is surrounded by other children There is his sister, as well as his friends.

Best friend

Basil is the best friend of our main character, who plays a very important role. Thanks to this man, we learn a lot of details about Omori and his life.

This boy is approximately the same age as the protagonist of the game. He has pale skin, large round eyes, and medium-length purple hair. The guy wears a wreath with colorful flowers on his head. He is wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. In reality, Basil looks a little different. He has blond hair, and there is a flower behind his ear. He is dressed in a green T-shirt, white T-shirt and beige shorts. His clothes are very similar to Sunny’s.

The main game character’s best friend is also a rather shy and quiet boy. He is very insecure and is afraid that he will be perceived as a burden. The boy loves to take pictures, and we will see many of his photos. They are of great importance to him. It is difficult not to notice that he is attracted to flowers, because he wears a wreath. In addition, Basil likes to read books and art in general. You can see that this game character has an emotional attachment to things, because he is not ready to get rid of them, even if he does not need them.

Basil in the real world and in Headspace

In the real world, this child is very anxious and vulnerable. He is not ready for any changes in his life. This is very noticeable when the boy easily helps the protagonist deal with the death of Mari, because he did not want to lose a friend. In addition, he is bullied the most by other kids in the game. Of course, Sunny and Kel are protecting him. It is noticeable how Basil suffers and often closes in on himself during the game.

In the world of Headspace, he becomes the complete opposite of himself. He is cheerful, though still shy, and puts other people above himself. The child is very sentimental; he keeps many stuff and does not throw it away, because these are his pleasant memories.

He has a relatively good relationship with the other guys. Of course, in a fictional world, the boy gets along better with other children. In the real world, Aubrey constantly mocks him, from which he closes in on himself.