Omori Emotions Game Online

Omori Emotions

If you are interested in role-playing games in the indie style, then this project is perfect for you. Omori is not just a game, it is a terrible story about childhood and children’s problems, which will leave a residue in your thoughts. You get into the world, in the style of anime, where you get acquainted with the characters – children who were once the best friends in the world, and now everyone is for himself.

What happened to their friendship and why are they no longer communicating? All this you will learn by exploring this mysterious and strange world. The whole plot depends entirely on your actions.

The main game character is a teenage boy who is experiencing depression after terrible events in his life. His friends have turned away from him, and life will no longer be as bright as it was before. Omori could not think of anything better than to plunge into the world of his fantasies, where there are no problems and worries.

There he is waiting for his friends, who again communicate and play with him as before, puzzles and competitions with enemies. Sometimes he returns to the real world, where he is waiting for the same worries, but here his enemies are already his old friends. Like the world itself, Omori`s personality was also divided into two parts. They live in different worlds and alternate in white space. This is the safe haven where the boy lives.

Emotions have very important role in the plot. It is with the help of them that you will fight with the enemies. Any actions affect both all the indicators of the character, and the feelings themselves. Someone becomes angry, and someone becomes sad. Of course, the effectiveness of the fight against enemies depends on this. For example, if the game character is evil, then he will be able to get more experience, and if he is happy, then he will get more resources or items.

If you have the same ones several times, it is not a bad thing. After all, in this case, they become stronger and more effective. This means that the damage to the enemy will be much greater and more powerful. However, sentiments do not always have a positive effect. For example, if your character is manic, then the accuracy of play against the enemy will be much lower.