Omori White Space Game Online

Omori White Space

Omori is a new project in the style of indie, which quickly gained popularity among gamers. This game invites us to remember the period of our childhood. This is a sad fairy tale about a group of children who exist in two worlds. After all, we all know that the easiest way to get rid of problems in childhood was just to immerse yourself in your fantasies.

This is exactly what our main protagonist in the story that we are going to play. A boy named Sunny suffers from depression due to events in his life. He does not think of anything better than to simply go into the world of his fantasies. A world where there are no problems and no worries.

The beginning of OMORI: White Space is a small room where there is our hero, a cat and several items. Among them, you can see napkins, a laptop, and even a sketchbook. The room has no walls, but there are a door and floor borders. He gets to the Headspace to this world and visits different locations like Otherworld.


Some time after the death of our main character’s sister, he decides to immerse himself completely in a space where no problems will haunt him. This place is the safest for him, where he can hide from any responsibilities and just play with his friends. Before this space, our hero appears in a small room, which serves as a shelter for him between two realities; this is the main role of this space in the game, although by the end this role will become much more significant.

It is in this room that the boy turns from Sunny to Omori and back again. The only thing that changes in this room is the light bulb. However, it does not mean light, but an idea. Sometimes this idea appears, but sometimes it disappears.

The plot starts in this place. Omori is in the room, checks all his things, and plays with the cat. A little later, he discovers a knife, which he uses as a weapon in the passage.

As soon as Sunny appears in the room, he immediately reincarnates as his Alter Ego. Nevertheless, after Sunny reconnected with his loved ones and became ready finally to come to terms with his fears and problems, something went wrong. This time, he did not take on the appearance of his Alter Ego. At that moment, the doors to the fairy-tale world were closed, and Sunny was banished from this shelter.

Soon, the boy is back in his safe place, but all the items have disappeared. Only Sunny and his copy remained in the monastery. They immediately began to fight for control of the body and mind, because they still share them. Despite the fact that saved his creator earlier, they still merged into one. Since then, the protagonist of the fictional world began to control consciousness. In addition, the white room changed its appearance. Now the laptop has turned into a portal between the white and black world, and only a light bulb remains.