Vast Forest Game Online

Vast Forest

A teenage boy named Omori has completely withdrawn into himself, does not leave the house and has completely stopped maintaining contact with friends. The boy is suffering from depression, and your task is to help him cope with it. Our character lives in the so-called white space.

This is a small white room, which has only a laptop, a sketchbook, a pack of napkins to wipe away tears and a cat. In addition, the room has a door that leads to a carefree fantasy world of Omori. In this game world, he is waiting for his close friends, who are always happy for him, entertainment and just happiness.

Children play hide-and-seek or other games, they fool around, do various interesting things. In addition, they can run errands for other guys, for example, to find a puzzle or defeat the enemy. They can also go into space, where they will fight with some planets, and save others.

The plot of Omori is very interesting and long. In addition to the fairy-tale fantasy world, you will have to return to reality, where the main character lives Sunny. You can see that the same friends in the real world are not as friendly with our hero as in the world of his fantasies.

In real world of the game, the character will also have to perform some tasks, for example, pick up medicines at the pharmacy and take them to an old aunt. And of course, here, too, you will have to meet with enemies, but these will no longer be fantastic animals or plants, but friends.

Perhaps at first glance it may seem that Omori is just a fairy tale about childhood friendship, but everything is much more serious. We help Omori to survive depression and cope with fears, and the end of the plot depends only on our actions.

there are different locations with new enemies and tasks in the game. One of these locations is VAST FOREST. This is a fairly large area covered with trees, which is located around the play ground. It is at this location that you and your friends will meet the first enemies.

In addition, the web may block some areas, but it can be removed. Here you will find a lot of enemies, adventures and various resources that will help you complete quests. After overcoming this location, you will get to the railway station. The project is available on Steam, and it is not released on Nintendo Switch yet.