Character Omori Game Online

Character Omori

Despite the fact that there are a large number of inhabitants in the game, the most important of them is one. This is a teenage boy who is going through a difficult time. Most recently, he lost his sister and fell into a depression. The gray and gloomy world no longer pleased Sunny.

Once upon a time, the best friends no longer communicated and each of them went their own way, so he decided to create an alternative. Nevertheless, even in this imaginary world, the main character and his friends are waiting for adventures and challenges. They will receive various assignments and tasks from other inhabitants of this world, and a variety of strange enemies will constantly appear on their way.

They will need to be fought with the help of emotions. From time to time, the hero will have to return to the real world. After all, there he is also waiting for quests, tasks and fighting with enemies. Unfortunately, in this part of the game, the enemies are the boy’s former best friends.

He was completely immersed in his imaginary world, where everything is fine. His sister is alive, and his friends are happy and cheerful together, as they were once upon a time. Even the boy himself is now different – in the fictional world, his identity is replaced by another one named Omori. This is a child with a sad expression, dressed in black top and striped shorts. He is quiet and unassuming, just like in the real world. Sometimes he is more violent, and sometimes he is sadder.

Although we should not forget that, this is all the identity of Sunny, who simply created his prototype in his mind. Very slowly during the game, he gets the better of Sunny and completely engulfs him. However, when something tries to attack Sunny, Omori saves him. Later, he decides to help Sunny cope with his trauma and tries to take full control of his mind in his own hands.