Sweetheart Omori Game Online

Sweetheart Omori

Omori is an indie role play adventure. Although the game is similar to a children’s fairy tale, it contains elements of horror. It is not blood and it is not scary scenes. This is the plot and the events that take place in it. The gameplay itself is very special and interesting. The game revolves around a boy named Sunny.

In the real world, he is responsible for the death of his sister, which causes the boy to lose all his friends and become depressed. The best solution to this situation, he chooses to create a new imaginary world where everything is always good, his sister is alive and friends never quarrel.

Sweetheart omori is one of the game enemies of our characters, who will meet you in the vastness of an imaginary reality.
This is a cute girl, dressed in a pink dress. She has pink hair tied in two ponytails and dark skin. It is easy to see that she is very fond of pink and all sorts of cute things, like bows and hearts.

Sweetheart loves herself very much, and is very careful about her image. Often she shows off her appearance. Honey practically feeds on the energy of her fans-SPROUT MOLES, who just pamper her with their attention. After she broke up with her boyfriend, she just goes crazy with thoughts of love and tries in every possible way to find it.

She is quite an emotional person, and literally from every event is able to create a real drama. She follows her every emotion and reacts very violently to everything that happens around her.

It is noticeable that this enemy likes to be in the center of attention of the game. She likes the idea that everyone loves her, even though she herself is hardly ready to reciprocate. She was also not used to being rejected. In this case, she literally explodes with rage because she did not get what she wanted. The character often gets bored, from which she simply creates chaos around herself and other inhabitants of Omori fantasies.