Aubrey Game Online


A fairy tale game about a carefree childhood or a psychological horror about children’s problems? This is exactly what you have to find out, play a fairly popular project Omori. This is a teenage boy who runs away from his problems in a fictional world. In reality of the game, his friends completely turned away from him, but in the world of his fantasies, everything is different.

One of his friends is Aubrey Omori. This is a cute girl, with brown hair and the same color eyes, although later her hair color will turn pink. She is wearing a dress of green color and has a big cute bow on the head.

One day, the boys met her while sitting on the street in tears because she lost her shoes, and they’ve been friends ever since. Moreover, over game time, she introduced her new friends to her other mate Basil.

This is a happy and kind child who loves her mates. Aubrey is very emotional when bad things happen. Sometimes she gets sad or rude. For example, she bullies Basil the most, but also worries the most when he is missing. In addition, she often argues with Kel. As for her attitude towards our main game protagonist, she is very fond of Omori.

The kids spend a lot of time together. They play in the tree house, go to the beach together, go to the park for a picnic, and attend birthday parties together. When the children learned about Mari’s death, the girl began to feel hatred for her friends. She feels lonely, because she believes that her friends have moved away from all this too quickly. Mari was her best friend, and it really hurts that friends do not support her.

After that, she became quite tough and rude, and so began to bully Basil. After a while, all the guys found new friends, and the boys just closed in on themselves. Aubrey tried to find peace by going to church and making friendship with Kim. The girl changed her image in this part of the game, coloring her hair pink, and She also joins a group of guys, where she gets a bat, with which she later fights with enemies.

Of course, over time, the girl returns to the kids again, apologizes to her victim and helps Omori.