Omori by Omocat Game Online

Omori by Omocat

Omori is an indie role – playing adventure with horror elements that will make you remember all the moments of your virginity. The project made by Omocat is drawn in the style of anime, but does not differ in realistic graphics. You are immersed in a world that is divided into two realities: the real world and the world of the fictional ideal world of our main character.

In addition, although there is no blood and scary scenes in the game, it puts a lot of pressure on the psyche with its scary story. The protagonist is a teenage boy who survived the death of his sister in real life and because of depression plunged into the world of his fantasies. After all, there are no problems and worries there. His friends also treat him well and are friends with a huge company; together they fight with enemies and solve all issues.

Still, sometimes Sunny has to return to the real world, where he is waiting for a sad gray reality, and former friends who no longer get along with each other.

Between these realities, there is a white space – a small room in which the boy changes his appearance from Sunny to his Alter Ego. This is the safest place for him, which has only a sketchbook, a cat, and a door to the imagination.

Your task is to try to restore the disturbed balance of the life of the boy and his friends. You will have to face a variety of enemies, fight them with emotions, collect resources and complete quests. You are also waiting for a lot of different locations in two realities. Interestingly, the ending of the game is entirely up to you. Each of your actions and your choices affects the future of all characters and whether the end will be good or sad.

The release of the game was announced long before its release, and during this time, it gained a large group of fans. At the moment, the project is available on Steam on the PC platform.