Sunny Omori Game Online

Sunny Omori

Sometimes it is very pleasant to plunge into the memories of the most carefree period of our lives – childhood. Even if we faced such problems, the children’s imagination always helped to see this world more colorful. This is also the case with a new project in the style of indie.

Omori is a virtual world that helps us not to forget how bright and fabulous the world was when we were children. From the very beginning, the game welcomes us with fabulous and easy phrases, and introduces us to the main character.

Sunny – this is the name of a teenage boy, with whose story we are going to be acquainted. Our hero is experiencing depression and is in a terrible state. His family is in trouble, and his friends have turned their backs on him. As children usually do, the protagonist came up with his own ideal world, in which there are no problems and worries, and all the characters are children. In this world there is no suffering, there are only children’s activities and fun. In this fictional reality, his Alter ego is called Omori.

Appearance and character

Sunny Omori looks like a normal boy his age. He has straight black hair that is just above his ears, and his bangs cover his eyes a little. His eyebrows look like small arches, and his eyes look like just black circles. He is dressed in a white T-shirt, beige shorts and black shoes.

The boy is presented as a quiet and shy child. His friends describe him as a good listener. The young man took care of his friends, so he always treated them well. He plays the violin and performs at concerts with his sister Marie, who plays the piano. However, after some incident, the boy completely cut off all ties with the world and close people.


The boy is born in a good family, where he has an older sister, Marie. At the time of the start of the game, he was already 16 years old. There were other children in the neighborhood: Kel and Hero, with whom the kid and his sister quickly became friends. Shortly after that, the children became friends with two other people, Aubrey and Basil. Basil is the main protagonist’s best friend.

One day, the boy got tired of playing the violin, and he just threw it down the stairs, for which his sister Mary shouted at him. The hero pushed the girl down the stairs, from which she fell directly on the violin. In a panic, the boy dragged her to the bed to rest, but she did not wake up again. Realizing this, the boy simply broke down. Basil decided not to turn away from his friend and help him solve this problem.

After some time, the guy left the school and began to plunge into his fictional world – the Headspace. During this period, we get acquainted with the Alter Ego – Omori. A little later, this world completely engulfs the guy, and he completely ceases to connect with the real world.

In the Headspace, the boy is waiting for adventures, new enemies and new challenges. Your task is to guide the child through the path, to meet with the pleasures and difficulties on his way. The game itself has a deep meaning. This is not a story about how a person gave up and stopped fighting with their problems.

This is a story about how a boy overcomes depression, struggles with his enemies, fears and problems. A feature of the game is that you do not know until the end what is going on. It is up to you to make it up, or to piece together the story in the pieces you find along the way. In addition, the end of the story can be either positive or negative. In addition, it is up to you.